Discovering the secret to a radiant smile

Discovering the secret to a radiant smile

Five reasons why Origin dissolvable whitening strips consistently come out on top.

A healthy smile has long been on everyone's wishlist, and now so is Origin, as it emerges as a game-changer. Not just another teeth whitening product; Origin represents a revolution in the industry, driven by a commitment to excellence and a passion for scientific advancement - a breath of fresh air in a market crowded with options. In this article, we'll explore what makes Origin dissolvable whitening strips stand out from the crowd and why it's become the go-to choice for those seeking a brighter, healthier smile. From its superior whitening power to its gentle approach to reducing sensitivity, Origin has something special to offer and is leading the pack in teeth whitening.


1. Superior Whitening

When it comes to achieving a dazzling smile, Origin doesn't just stand out – it shines. Our dissolving whitestrips boast superior whitening power compared to traditional non-dissolving whitestrips, consistently delivering faster and safer results. Thanks to our revolutionary HAP3 formula and dissolving strip technology, Origin boosts whitening by a staggering 40% more than peroxide alone, all while reducing sensitivity – a game-changer in the world of teeth whitening. Clinical data speaks for itself: Origin Instants whiten teeth up to 2 shades more than the leading non-dissolving whitestrip*.

And if that's not convincing enough, consumers reported that Origin whitened their teeth more than 50% better than the top non-dissolving whitestrip**.

With proven results from both lab tests and home trials, Origin offers consistently faster and superior teeth whitening compared to the leading non-dissolving whitestrip.


Results after using Origin for 14 days

2. Reduced Sensitivity

Bid farewell to sensitivity and embrace a new era in teeth whitening with Origin. Unlike traditional methods that can leave your teeth feeling sensitive and painful, our dissolving strips contain a unique formula packed with active ingredients that protect enamel and reduce sensitivity while they whiten. Origin dissolving strips are as gentle as water on your teeth. By releasing our powerful HAP3 formula, they go beyond whitening to heal and rejuvenate your smile from within.

And the best part? Repeated use of Origin can actually improve tooth health, reversing sensitivity and shielding against acid erosion*.

Consumers are raving about their experience, reporting less sensitivity after just 7 days compared to using the leading whitestrip.**


Holes, showing the presence of dentine tubules - the cause of sensitivity, on the enamel surface, after using non-dissolving strips compared with origin.


3. Ultimate Convenience

Experience the ultimate convenience with Origin's dissolving whitestrips.

Dissolvable, discreet, and fast-acting for anytime, anywhere use.

With quick and precise application, these strips adhere effortlessly to your teeth, dissolving in just 15 minutes to seamlessly fit into your routine. No hassle, no cleanup – simply apply and let them work their magic, leaving no residue behind. Plus, with each strip containing the precise amount of active agent, you'll achieve consistent, long-term whitening. Making whitening a habit with Origin, is the easiest path to lasting results.


4. Great Taste

Savour the difference with Origin's dissolving whitestrips, crafted with significantly less sweetener than traditional whitening strips. While non-dissolving strips often compensate for the minty flavour challenge with excessive sweeteners, Origin delivers a delightful peppermint taste for truly fresh breath. The secret lies in our dissolving strips being able to be mixed at a low temperature to introduce and lock in natural flavour early.

Origin will leave your mouth minty fresh and minimise consumption of any unnecessary sweeteners.


5. Less Waste

Driven by a mission to set a new standard in environmental responsibility, Origin leaves behind two-thirds less packaging than traditional non-dissolving whitestrips.

Champion sustainability by choosing Origin – because a brighter smile shouldn't cost the earth.

Packaging waste after using non-dissolving strips compared to Origin


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* Findings from a 10-day lab study involving 28 applications on human teeth
** Consumer study conducted at home with 100 consumers